The challenge: 10 new development projects will be built in Culver City over the next 4 years.

18,000 new cars in a 2 square mile area will add over 30,000 daily trips.

  • Visionary Leadership for a Thriving Community
  • Record of Civic Achievement
  • Conscientious Development
  • Stronger Partnership among City, Schools and Residents
  • Nurturing Creative Businesses, Improving our Local Economy

Thomas – A Visionary, Can-Do Leader

  • Commissioner on the Culver City Cultural Affairs Commission.
  • Architectural writer, collaborating with architects, designers, engineers, developers and communities to create and enhance architectural projects, neighborhoods, and developments.
  • Expert in the fields of architecture and historic preservation, urban design and conscientious development.
  • Board chair of Jacaranda Music, the internationally renowned classical music series.
  • Board member of the Architectural Foundation of Los Angeles.
  • Graduate of Yale University.
  • Recipient of a French national fellowship at the University of Paris, and a National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) fellowship at Columbia University’s School of Journalism.
  • Fluent in Spanish, French and Italian.

Our city is made up of vibrant, but often fragmented communities: our schools, our traditional business community, our vibrant downtown, new media and technology businesses, cultural entities, residents, government, artists. thomas-logoThese communities don’t communicate well with each other. But for Culver City to thrive, really thrive, they must. In my professional life I bring diverse interests and resources together to create something magnificent. And that’s what I will do for Culver City.


Thomas – a Record of Civic Achievement

  • As Cultural Affairs Commissioner, initiated Culver City’s new Artist and Poet Laureate program.
  • Collaborated in bringing an international film festival to Culver City.
  • Currently working to update the city’s approach to historic preservation.
  • Distributed $48,824 via the city’s Performing Arts Grants program.
  • Planned, implemented and moderated the Cultural Affairs Foundation’s Architecture Talks.

thomas-logoOn the eve of her centennial, Culver City is becoming a world class city. And the arts play a major role in that.
Our Cultural Affairs Foundation’s Architecture Talks, for example, created a local public showcase for Culver City’s world-class architects and designers.
A fine city takes seriously her musical and dramatic performances, her art and design.

Thomas – For Conscientious, Innovative Development

  • Development projects that help, not harm Culver City
  • Development projects that reflect Culver City values
  • Innovative transportation design
  • Superior urban planning, urban design, and architecture
  • Exceptional traffic engineering and optimized parking design
  • Walkability
  • Bike-friendly design
  • Sustainable design, and environmental building practices
  • Preservation and increase of green open space
  • Conservation of our cultural heritage and historic architecture
  • Development of affordable housing

I will only vote to approve a new development if it’s clear that development project will improve our quality of life,  not harm it! We have to be intelligent and thoughtful enough to make these projects profitable and yet also assure that they contribute to the community.
Exceptional urban planning and design will invigorate our economy and enhance our quality of life. A thriving community requires development that protects Culver City’s small community environment.
Culver City residents and business owners must play a more central role in every development project.  thomas-logoThis includes ensuring improved public notice about all upcoming projects and increased community involvement early in the process.


Thomas – For a Stronger Partnership with Our Schools

  • Commitment to better programs for Culver City’s kids and families
  • Development of a Joint City/School District Environmental Sustainability Master Plan
  • Creation of a Youth Advisory Committee for Culver City
  • Implementation of the Culver City Compact (

My wife Joanna and I moved to Culver City a decade ago for the very reasons that most of our neighbors did: excellent schools for our children in an affordable community with a relaxed, small-town feel. But even a wonderful city and great schools can be improved. Just one example is Linwood Howe’s Spanish enrichment program, which my wife, Joanna, co-founded.
A Joint City/School District Environmental Sustainability Master Plan will set environmental protection goals that will increase livability for future generations. A Youth Advisory Committee for Culver City will provide a mechanism for parents and young people to become more civically active and engaged.
Opportunities for enhancing our economy and the lives of our residents abound. I find the Culver City Compact particularly exciting because it is a tremendous step in the right direction.
We need to strengthen relationships between the city, the neighborhoods, our seniors, our police and fire departments, local businesses, the school district, and the colleges.  Collaboration will create opportunities for all residents to become more involved, better educated and better prepared for local jobs.



We Support Thomas Small

Diana Hauptman
David Hauptman, Former Culver City Mayor

Campaign Co-Chairs

Dr. Karlo Silbiger, Former Culver City School Board President

Campaign Manager

Karen Bass
United States Congresswoman


Holly J. Mitchell

California State Senator

The Culver City Community Coalition

Bike the Vote

Dr. Kelly Kent
Culver City School Board Member

Anne Allaire
Culver City School Board Member

All Members of Culver City’s Cultural Affairs Commission:

Regina Klein, Chair

Len Dickter, Vice-Chair

Rich Cherry

John B. Williams

Dr. Jim Boulgarides

Former Culver City Mayor

Steven Gourley
Former Culver City Mayor/School Board President

Gary Silbiger
Former Culver City Mayor

Dr. Wanda Boulgarides
Former Culver City School Board President

Laura Chardiet
Former Culver City School Board President

Madeline Ehrlich
Former Culver City School Board President

Barbara Honig

Former Culver City School Board President

Nancy Goldberg
Former Culver City School Board President

Steven H. Schwartz

Former Culver City School Board Member

Darryl Cherness
Culver City Civil Service Commissioner

Rick Tuttle

Former Los Angeles City Controller

Jim Lamm
Former Culver City Planning Commissioner

Neil Rubenstein
Former Culver City Disability Advisory Committee Member

Marla Koosed
Former Chair, Cultural Affairs Commission

Dr. Janet Hoult
Culver City Honorary Poet Laureate

Mike Fong
Los Angeles Community College District Board Member

Joel Jacinto
Los Angeles Commissioner of Public Works

Mark Pulido

Mayor of Cerritos

Steven Lavine

President, California Institute of the Arts

Chester A. Widom, FAIA

California State Architect

Debra Gerod, FAIA

President, American Institute of Architects, Los Angles Chapter

Irma Muñoz

President, Founder Mujeres  De La Tierra

(for identification purposes only)

Thomas Aujero Small

As Commissioner of Cultural Affairs, Thomas Aujero Small planned, implemented and moderated “Architecture Talks,” a series of public conversations with prominent Culver City architects produced by the Cultural Affairs Foundation of Culver City. These discussions brought Culver City’s world-class architectural talent into the spotlight before an audience of local residents, bringing together two local communities that rarely interact. Small was also instrumental in creating Culver City’s Artist and Poet Laureate Program, and in bringing an international Film Festival to the ArcLight Theater and the Culver Hotel. He serves on the Commission’s Historic Preservation and Art in Public Places subcommittees.

As an architectural writer and consultant, Thomas has worked on a wide range of projects, competitions, and awards programs in urban design and development, sustainable design, and historic preservation in North America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. He was a delegate from Culver City to the New York Times 2015 Cities of the Future Conference in New York. At UCLA he taught a course called Sustainability for Organizational Change in the business division of the Global Sustainability Certificate Program. He moderated international juries for the AFLA DesignGreen Awards competition in Copenhagen, New York and San Francisco.He led a team of architects commissioned as a finalist in the 2006 Living Steel International Competition in Sustainable Housing. In 2004 and 2005 he made presentations at the London Conference on Livable Cities and the World Sustainable Building Conference in Tokyo. His documentary films on Andrew Carnegie’s Castle in Scotland, the Palace of Monaco, and Philip Johnson’s Crystal Cathedral were presented by the A&E Network and are available on Amazon. He is scheduled to present his paper, “Notes from the Urbanist Front: Urban Development in Culver City” at the 53rd Annual Livable Cities Conference in Rome in 2016.

Thomas built a widely published, sustainably and economically designed Culver City home, where he lives with his two 8-year olds, two Briard sheep dogs, and his wife Joanna Brody. Their children attend Linwood Howe Elementary, where Joanna is PTA president and he teaches Spanish as a volunteer in the Spanish program that Joanna co-founded. He has also written extensively on classical music and serves as Board Chair for the renowned concert series, Jacaranda Music, based in Santa Monica.

Thomas grew up in Northern California and the Philippines, has lived, studied and worked abroad extensively, and speaks four languages. He studied Comparative Literature at Yale, and was awarded a French National Fellowship at the University of Paris, and a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship at the Columbia University School of Journalism.